Set up!

23 May

There’s nothing to motivate me to do something I love like doing something I don’t. On the days that the day job keeps me from getting things going to print, I’m thinking, I’m calculating. I’m dreaming up ways to make my night job become my day job someday.

The treadle and wooden counter are installed. Fully functional. And everyone knows I can’t get any work done without a skull in the room.

Type drawer. I don’t really have any experience with type, but a couple of typefaces and some ornaments came with my press and I’m super excited about playing around with it and learning how to do it well.

Old type cabinet that also came with my press. I’m pretty in love with it. Some of the bottoms of the drawers are falling apart, so I think I’m going to take the bottoms out and attach some screens to the frames to turn them into drying racks.

Alex and I will be in the studio tomorrow. I might even put some ink on the press.


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