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MINK: Business Card Design

22 Nov

I’ve never been super into girly things. Well… I say never… when I was very young I did have quite the penchant for pink and princesses and would later develop a unhealthy obsession over the late ’90s boy band sensation, N’Sync. But most of the things in my life that have shaped my aesthetic have been natural and ancient things. A significant part of my childhood was spent on fields belonging to farmers that my dad had made friends with, looking for arrowheads or geodes. He would send me out of the car on runs to pick a pretty flower or retrieve butterflies that had been hit by a car so he could preserve them. My business cards were inspired by these things, and vintage cologne labels and merit badges. With this card I’m expressing my inner boy scout.

The yellow will be gold ink that I just ordered. BE PREPARED to see only gold cards from me from here on out.


Pottery + Yahtzee = Pohtzee: In Progess

14 Nov

Alex and I have a love of Yahtzee that dates back to the infancy of our relationship. Many of our evenings over the last 5 years have involved Yahtzee and Carlo Rossi, and finally we collaborated on a set to make it a beautiful and functional piece in our home. The lid of the jar has a foot on it, so that it can be flipped over and used as a bowl to roll the dice into. The bottom half of the jar houses the scorecards, dice, and dice shaker. We made a couple of prototypes last year, but  now the jars are taking on a different look, and I will be letterpressing the scorecards. Here is the old version:

Alex throwing:

The first new batch:

Slightly redesigned scorecard I am working on. I would love some feedback before I have a plate made, particualarly on the Yahtzee category. Right now it is 5 thumbs up for 5 of a kind, but I think we can do better than that while still fitting with the vibe of the scorecards. Any ideas? If you click on the picture you should be able to zoom in to see details.

I will be sure to share the final product after the pots are fired and the scorecards are pressed. We will be selling them in my Etsy store when they are finished.

Business Cards for ByCary

10 Nov

I want to give a big shout out to Grace and Tristan at A Mystery In Common for tweeting about and stirring up some business for Mink Letterpress.  They are doing some awesome things with silkscreening, and are getting ready to open their studio and store in Charlottesville, VA. Their business is a huge role model for me, and I hope someday this can be true:  A Mystery In Common: Screenprinting:: Mink Letterpress: Letterpress. (and my apologies if I just gave you flashbacks of taking the SATs).

Anyway, they spread the word, and Cary from ByCary contacted me about printing business cards for her craft business. She provided me with the design and plates for her super cute cards, and I printed them up. I love the color combination and the smart, simple logo of the birds, illustrating her “Unique Goods” tagline. Check out her Etsy site! Here are some photos of the process… The first run: And the second run: The rejects… (I recycle): Every time I print something I get to know my press better, learn how to communicate with it and am starting to be able to anticipate its moves and tricks. It is also sometimes impossible to read, moody and curmudgeonly. We are still getting used to each other’s idiosyncracies but, as with all new relationships, if you love each other and you are able to learn from your struggles, you can grow.