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Pohtzee Sets

19 Dec

The first batch of the Pohtzee sets are finished! A lucky few will be able to give them as gifts this holiday season. Unfortunately (and fortunately) the first batch went fast and we are backordered until 2011. BUT we went to Greensboro this weekend to fire the gas kiln at Guilford which contained a few more sets, some of which are not spoken for. We will post them on Etsy after the firing is complete.

Ninety percent of the credit goes to Alex for making these happen, but it was still a fun way to work together and combine our mediums. Printing is a solitary process that yields a product usually given from one person to another, an intimate process resulting in an intimate transaction. Pottery, on the other hand, requires a community to complete the entire process and yields a product that is often community based, like eating, drinking, serving, and in the case of Pohtzee, playing. Our mediums certainly say a lot about ourselves, but its nice to delve into someone else’s every now and then.

We were in the pottery studio at Guilford all day tending to the kiln, until 2 a.m. Fortunately it’s given us a forced block of time in a stressful, busy time of the year to relax and work on some projects that we have been putting off (which I can’t share until after Christmas!).

{My sweet, talented husband checking on the kiln}