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Melissa + Ryan: Wedding Invitations

25 Apr

Melissa Williamson is an amazing photographer who specializes in weddings. Because she has seen, captured and preserved so many unique elements of many weddings, and because she has such an eye for detail, she stretched me as a designer to develop something unique for her and her fiance, Ryan.  They wanted their design to be mainly typography based, vintage inspired and incorporate a tree and heart with their initials. Here’s what we came up with (I think they’re so sweet and fun!):

It was very important to the bride and groom that their invitation suite was as eco-friendly as possible. We decided to go with tree-free 100 percent cotton paper, Crane’s Lettra in Ecruwhite. It is made from recovered cotton that is waste of industrial textile manufacturing, it is soft and sturdy and such a joy to print on. It’s like buttah. We chose 100 percent recycled kraft envelopes for the invitation and the square response card, which give the suite a lovely, rustic vibe.

Each invitation, response card and its envelope were bundled together with peach baker’s twine.

We are working now on their ceremony programs and thank you notes, which I will post after their June 4th wedding. It’s such a pleasure to work with them. I can’t wait to see pictures of the other details they come up with for their big day. Thank you and congrats Melissa and Ryan!


East Fork Pottery

11 Apr

Alex Matisse makes beautiful, beautiful wood fired pottery at his new place in Marshall, North Carolina, East Fork Pottery. I met Alex during college at Guilford, and shortly after he began a pottery apprenticeship with Matt Jones, overlapping with my Alex for a couple of months. The two Guilford pottery Alexs lived in a cabin in the mountains of Leicester together, making pots, watching movies and playing a whole lot of Grand Theft Auto (0r some car video game I can’t remember the name of).  I have many happy memories of this brief time in our history. Alex moved away for a while and is now back in the area with his lovely lady Connie, and we are thrilled that they are calling the North Carolina mountains home for now.

Alex and Connie contacted me about printing greeting cards for their business, which announce their first kiln opening.  Everyone in the area should do themselves a favor and attend. The land, kiln, pottery and people are all just lovely.

Here are some pictures of the card:

Alex, James Croonenberghs and and I helped out for the midnight shift of the first firing in the new kiln. I haven’t gotten to check out the pots from this firing yet, but I’m sure they’re just stunning.