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New Card: Bruce the Bear

15 Aug

A few years ago, bears started to become a pervasive part of Asheville culture. My dad, Bruce, always entertained out of town guests with “bear stories” that he collected from his friends, patients, and coworkers. The formula for these stories usually went something like this: Mama bear + baby bear(s) + food + your car, porch or front door = dangerous, shocking or adorable. Photo documentation always warrants extra credit points.

Now, everyone in Asheville has bear stories of their own, as these big boys love to come down into the valley for Asheville’s gastronomic delights. Alex and I spotted these two bears in my parents yard. This picture was printed in the Asheville Citizen Times (double extra credit points).

So, this card goes out to my fellow Ashevillians. This bear, Bruce, is often seen around town, snapping photos and collecting human stories. Extra credit points (in my book) if you buy a card! Free shipping this week with the coupon code BEARFREESHIPPING.



Ladies of Letterpress Conference

11 Aug

When I last visited Blue Barnhouse before their departure from Asheville, NC to Wilmington, NC, I was informed about an organization called Ladies of Letterpress. My initial response was naturally “hey! I’m a lady! I love letterpress!” I visualized a small local group of printers, similar to knitting circles and neighborhood quilters. When I went online to investigate further, I learned that it is a national organization with representative printers from nearly every state. I felt very lucky that the upcoming conference was to be held in none other than Asheville, North Carolina. “Hey! I live there!”

When I walked in for the first panel, I started spotting some craft, letterpress and blog celebrities. I mostly kept to myself but it was super cool being in the presence of other printers just starting out, veteran printers with established businesses, and top tier printers whose work I know and admire. Panels focused on topics like starting a letterpress business, using social media to share and promote your work, and what the future holds for letterpress.

In addition to the panels, there were also various demos and events held at Bookworks, including paper making, tabletop press printing, and die cutting. I’ve heard that die cutting can tear up your press, so I’ve been debating looking for another press that’s not in great shape so that I could dedicate it to die cutting. But I learned how capable my press is of this kind of work – and it really opens my world up in terms of what I can create on my press. After seeing the demo on a press very similar to mine, I’m confident that my press can die cut without harming itself.

On Saturday night, a classy reception was held at the Venue, where the keynote speaker, Judith Berliner of Full Circle Press, gave her speech. It was moving, entertaining and inspiring. She printed broadsides for all of the attendees, with the following words by Beatrice Warde. I will hang it in my new studio that my handy husband is in the process of planning.

“This is a Printing Office. Crossroads of civilization. Refuge of all the arts against the ravages of time. Armory of fearless truth against whispering rumor. Incessant trumpet of trade. From this place words may fly abroad, not to perish on waves of sound, not to vary with the writer’s hand but fixed in time, having been verified by proof. Friend, you stand on sacred ground, This is a Printing Office.”

Danielle + Steven: Wedding Invitations

4 Aug

Brides like Danielle make my job so much fun and so very easy. From the beginning, she was open to new ideas and based on working with her on her invitations – I think she and her fiance, Steven are going to throw a beautiful wedding this Fall. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

We’ll be working on their ceremony programs over the next couple of months – stay tuned!