Ladies of Letterpress Conference 2012

16 Oct

It’s been a while since the Ladies of Letterpress Conference in Asheville, so I figured it might be time to share a little bit about it.

The conference kicked off on Thursday with a tour of Asheville print shops, and we were the first stop on the tour. It was awesome and humbling to have so many printers in the studio. We made sure that the studio was in ship shape, and cleared away the cobwebs that had settled in over my maternity leave.

I wanted to give a little favor to everyone who came out, so I printed up some Artist Trading Cards to hand out.

They’re based on a queen of hearts card, and the queen is holding an ink knife and printers ruler, her cloak is adorned with flywheels, and the pattern on the back of the card is made up of flywheels.

Everyone arrived via the LaZoom bus!

I was super shy at last year’s conference so it was so nice to have everyone over and meet a bunch of people in my space.

And just had to add my sweet boy and I hanging in the studio after the crowd left. 🙂

The rest of the weekend was full of great panels and a great reception with keynote speaker Abigail Rorer of The Lone Oak Press. She makes incredible woodcuts – you wouldn’t believe the detail. Another highlight was meeting and spending time with Rachael and Jake of Pistachio Press. They were kind enough to join Alex and I for dinner one night and let us pick their brains on all things letterpress and running a small business. Pistachio Press is a role model for us, and we’re delighted that the world of letterpress is small and kind enough to share information with each other.

Proud to be a lady of letterpress!


One Response to “Ladies of Letterpress Conference 2012”

  1. Molly Minkin October 16, 2012 at 11:04 am #

    Nicole, the cards are so thoughtfully designed and they turned out beautiful! You have such a keen eye, and I can’t wait to see your latest musings! xxoo

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